We Are a Custom Rubber Patch Maker & Custom PVC Patches All Over the US:


Custom PVC Patches:

Thinking of creating your PVC patch? There are a few alternatives to think of when placing an order for custom PVC patches. Deciding on 2D vs. 3D is one of the major questions asked as it will conclude if your design will have a sculpted look or a two-dimensional look. Since there is a thin division between each color the subsequent question is choosing the colors followed by sizing and backing.

What is PVC? 

It is a kind of plastic that resembles soft rubber, which is recognized for its potency and is lightweight, making it the ideal material to make a Custom PVC patch. They are exceedingly waterproof, making them the ideal material for use in the outdoors, in the military, police, fire departments, and an alliance that is showing to the weather.

Modern practice with standard Appeal:

Looking for patches with 3D artwork that’s water-resistant and weather-proof? Custom PVC patches are great for situations in which the wearer is liable to spend plenty of time outdoors, or on the water, or just for someone looking for a dissimilar type of non-threaded patch.

PVC Custom Patches for Any Occasion:

PVC patches are custom-built to endure any type of environment you can envisage. Just like a customary embroidered patch, they are trouble-free to attach to anything from jackets and vests to hats and backpacks. They’re also water-resistant and effortlessly withstand cold temperatures, making them great for any movement from an afternoon on the oceanic to cutting up snowy slopes in the mountains.


Even if you don’t plan on your patches receiving difficulty outside, custom PVC patches are hard-wearing, simple to wash, and have the finest options for covered design and custom 3D artwork. And while it may sound like PVC patches only fit the requirements of our more lively customers, the reality is that you can come across them just about anywhere.

We give Manufacturing and provide Services of: 

  • Patches & Badges
  • Keychains
  • Tactical-Gear
  • Promotional-Products
  • PVC Rubber Accessories
  • Accouterments 
  • Other Accessories

Research & Development:

We are conducting insistent research and development in the areas of information compilation, the transformation of Visuals on Textiles, employ of new and better-imported accessories, development in the quality of wide-ranging products and ingredients, Improvements in the vicinity of processing and Green management.

Our management is putting its best endeavor to diminish the wastage of raw material. Moreover, we have productively made PVC Patches able to be emotionally involved in any fabric / Velcro without Sewing, the example can be provided if demanded.


We are proud of the fact that we are the prime factory in the field of Custom Patches in the US. Our work has been recognized by many familial and worldwide brands. We have more than 20 A+ ranked clients, more than 50 small customers who are functioning with us for a very long time. 

All our customers have trust in us as we not only are meeting but beyond their requirements, with a very reasonable variety of prices.  How contemptible our prices are if the quality is extremely competitive? Since we are the chief set up in our fastidious field. We have our designers, our Molding ability, Own invention setup. This does not let any of our customer’s information extend to our Company and is obliging to keep the privacy of the client. Moreover, it makes largely costing dispensation a lot quicker and cheaper.  Many other companies do not have this facility which makes their prices go superior. 

What does “Customer Satisfaction” mean to us?

The world is converting from Price-conscious into Quality cognizant. So to ensure quality our Firm has cooperatively definite the eventual meaning of Quality; “Customer fulfillment”. We are paying attention to; Not only meeting the desires and requirements of clients but going beyond them. That is how we describe Quality. We struggle to completely comprehend the exact requirements of our dear clients, meeting and exceeding their prospects. Our remarkable position enables us to present the customer’s exceptional products, rich in the parameters of superiority and robustness. Adherence to suitable delivery schedules and viable prices has won us a hefty number of customers from worldwide.


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