Omega Speedmaster: The Rise Of A New Trend


Omega began as a simple portable watch store in 1848 and became the most significant watch manufacturer in Switzerland, producing over 240,000 pieces a year. In 1932, Omega was also the designated time recorder of the Olympic championships. Presently, this iconic series is made up of endless designs: from popular Moonwatch to famous timepieces.

Omega also produced countless improvements to watch creating culture, along with the initial moon clock and five eventual moon docking, the very first sailors’ device, the globe’s first authorized underwater timepiece, the creator of a James Bond piece, and much more precise archives than just about any other clockmaker. 

A Short History On Omega Speedmaster

In 1848, Louis Brandt created the business through his personal name. The portable watch collection of 1894 was the initial to bear the term called Omega. That title comes after the last element of a Greek phonetic language, symbolizing fulfillment. At the beginning of the millennium, Brandt’s superiors agreed to accept Omega as the organization’s title.

Omega launched the very initial timepiece in 1942, which was regarded as the subsequent Speedmaster’s precursor. The wristwatch was operated by some specialization that could last up to twelve hours. The very initial Speedmaster was introduced in 1957. Then, in 1963, they launched the latest edition, which became famous in the world: namely the Professional.


Within the next few years, Omega started adding to the collection. Nowadays, the Omega Speedmaster series also comprises quartz pieces with LCD screens and various new features. That being said, the designs of previous centuries had also remained relatively stable and eye-catching to consumers.

Qualities Of A Omega Speedmaster Series

Omega products have become an expenditure in value, sturdiness. The reality that almost all the excellent values are expressed in a sleek, comfortable bundle such as the Speedmaster is indeed a plus. These beautiful pieces seem to be the embodiment of elegant and hard-working quality. It has excellent resistance in water that goes up to 330 feet below water.

It was made for racing car users, simply put! Integrate a greater degree of versatility with sleek great looks, precise technology, as well as credibility for exceptional products, and having a piece of Omega’s finest designs-the Omega Speedmaster! This iconic premium device earned a spot on every watch list. A Speedmaster blends a sporty sophistication.

The Lasting Condition Of Omega Timepiece

The astronauts that went to the moon during 1969 were carrying the Omega Speedmaster pieces! Omega also was the Designated Time recorder of the Olympic Championships during 1932. Military men all over the globe have relied on such durable devices for over a generation. Omega pieces are also admired for their sleek appearances and enticing quality. 

Their striking but glamorous physical beauty might be the reason it appeared mostly on the protagonist’s hand in several James Bond films! Their iconic beauty and long-lasting credibility for speed and consistency have rendered Omega clocks a standard fashion brand option for over a decade. That would be a legacy that’s going on now.

The Out Of Date Watch: Speedmaster 1957

Vintage watches were in fashion for some time already, and the Speedmaster ’57 isn’t any different. Although the title implies, this model was based on the classic 1957 Speedmaster. The most distinguishing characteristic is that it is the Speedmaster Wide Shaft Hour Fingers. Initial prototypes from the 1950s were often sold at the market for a vast number of dollars.

The Racing Series Of Speedmaster: The Speedmaster Racing

The timepieces of a Speedmaster Racing collection promote Omega’s good working bond with motor racing. Until the Speedmaster had become the iconic Moonwatch, it served as the partner of several professional drivers. The knobs of the driving variants are reflective of the control panels used in vintage race cars. Present in a range of versions and sizes.


Perhaps one of Omega’s most lavish famous designs, the Speedmaster Selection, is indeed not a top story to loyal fans of the product. Having become among the most famous expensive pieces in the world, the layout is fair to look at and could go with just about anything. The selection has attracted attention from its rich history as well as its link with orbit and NASA.

A bulk of followers equate this Omega piece with the very initial Moon docking in July of 1969. Nowadays, though, the Speedmaster is just termed as Moonwatch. The range consists of various frameworks: including mechanical designs too, in particular, accurate quartz pieces, including digital and analog screens, to automated masterpieces. Anyone could be a fan of it.


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